The STOP THE BLEED® campaign is focused on the serious business of saving lives. To ensure that all Americans are properly trained and equipped, the U.S. Department of Defense has joined with a number of other governmental and private organizations in a public/private partnership to offer bleeding control classes and equipment standards under its STOP THE BLEED® trademark and licensing program.

Join the growing number of organizations around the world powering the STOP THE BLEED® Campaign by applying for a STOP THE BLEED® License. Any type of organization is welcome to make a contribution to the campaign!

STOP THE BLEED® Licensee Services & Benefits

Standard benefits

Automatic Coalition Membership
Website listing
Licensee toolkit
• Brand style guideline
• Promotional assets
Promotional opportunities via
• Social media
• STOP THE BLEED® Coalition newsletter
• Guest Blog Posts

Extra benefits

Priority Access
• STOP THE BLEED® Project programs
• Sponsorship opportunities
• Updated campaign information
Streamlined DoD reporting requirements
Co-branding options

DoD STOP THE BLEED® Licensing Program

To ensure the quality of the products and services offered under the STOP THE BLEED® brand, the Department of Defense (DoD) closely monitors and controls who uses the STOP THE BLEED® logo and how it is used. As the owner of the STOP THE BLEED® trademark, it does this by licensing all third party use of the mark. For this reason, any organization wishing to use the  STOP THE BLEED® mark must first request a license from DoD. If your organization wishes to apply for a license, you can access the official DoD application form by selecting the appropriate application button on this page. DoD will then review your application and if it meets all DoD requirements, your organization will be issued a license.

There are two types of STOP THE BLEED® Licenses

A STOP THE BLEED® Educational License entitles an organization to:

PLUS! Unlock private access to official tools and resources designed to support your STOP THE BLEED® educational activities.

  • Stop the Bleed Coalition STOP THE BLEED® Course
  • Official Training Certificates
  • Quarterly Reporting
  • Training aids
  • Promotional Materials
  • Notifications as more tools and resources are added

AND!  Once approved, your organization will be added to the official US Department of Defense list of STOP THE BLEED® Educational Licensees

DoD approved training is at the heart of the STOP THE BLEED® campaign.

The educational license is primarily for companies, non-profit organizations, medical schools, hospitals, government agencies and other organizations that have qualified instructors and want to offer bleeding control training to their organization’s personnel or to the public. The educational license is for organizations that want to offer classes that are either free or where the fees charged are used to cover the costs of offering the classes.

Review the Stop the Bleed Coalition STOP THE BLEED® Course

As an Educational Licensee, this Department of Defense approved course is available to your instructors.

A STOP THE BLEED® Promotional License entitles an organization to:

Although there are millions of people who have been STOP THE BLEED® trained, the campaign needs help to create more awareness of this important public health initiative. The promotional license is intended for organizations that want to promote the STOP THE BLEED® campaign through various means, e.g., via email or text, in social media, podcasts and other types of media.

If you are applying for an Educational License, you cannot apply for a Promotional License

The license application forms are provided by the Coalition to our members and to the public as a free service. All application forms are submitted directly to the DoD STOP THE BLEED® Program. If there are any questions on your application, DoD will contact you directly.
This site and assistance with license applications does not imply endorsement by the Department of Defense.

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